My name is Emrys. I am an independent writer with a love of cinema of all shapes and sizes.

Welcome to my blog.

This blog dedicated to the history of extreme cinema, starting with an article I have written on the BBFC (British Board Of Film Classification) that inspired this whole thing.

In that article I talk about numerous films that the BBFC and other censorship groups have had many an issue with during the 20th Century and beyond, including the infamous politial and sensationalist movement that led to the incredibly important 1984 Video Recordings Act and the now legendary list of “Video Nasties”.

With that article and Video Nasty list as a basis, my goal for this blog is to showcase the history of Extreme Cinema that caused many, many problems for the BBFC and the British Public. I am going to talk bout films from all three sections of the Video Nasty List, films that were rejected by the BBFC when brought to their attention, and even showcase more films of either a similar theme or by the same film-makers as to assess Extree Cinema throughout the years.

My intention is to provide an educational, rational, and even reflective view on the history of Extreme Cinema.