My name is Emrys. I am an independent writer with a love of cinema of all shapes and sizes.

Welcome to my blog.

This blog dedicated to the history of extreme cinema. The films that are unseen and forgotten by mainstream media. Films that border on the controversial, the uncouth, the undignified, and the unidentifiable. Films buried deep in their own cult following, and remain largely unrecognized by contemporary cinefiles aside from those actually seek them out.

My ‘Ultimate Goal’ is to learn from these extreme films and, in time, create my own part of extreme media, be it film or book, that utilizes what I’ve learnt throughout my many years of watching, studying and reviewing these films. I want to create something stunning, visceral, that shocks an audience and plays out my own artistic fantasies. That film however, isn’t ready yet…

Read as I delve into extreme cinema with gusto, braving the hardy and the most controversial movies to ever see the light of day for your delectation.

Understand as I take a critical look at the history of extreme cinema and discuss the films that should be recognized for their accomplishments, or disregarded for their failures.

Know my point of view, my dedication, my reasoning, and my personal film preferences as I dig ever deeper into extreme cinema’s greatest creations, its greatest disasters, and its greatest absurdities.

Read on, and learn about what makes the realm of extreme cinema so appealing.